Patrick is a strong contributing member to the FATCA/CRS Program, he has played a critical role in the successful delivery of this program. I had the pleasure of reporting to Patrick on one of the many sub-projects he was assigned to. This particular project was a high sensitive and critical project that demanded a strong senior manager in place, and Patrick exceeded expectations. Patrick developed a foolproof approach, strategy and execution plan that drove the ultimate success of this project. Throughout the project, Patrick consistently proved to be a manager you can depend and rely on. All issues / conflicts that I escalated to him were easily turned around and/or plan was set up to resolve almost right away. He was able to clearly communicate objectives and expectations, and is an effective delegator applying trust to achieve and deliver what I was supposed to. Patrick’s strong attention to detail, ability to apply project management expertise as well as effective people manager skills to his employees and projects, make him a strong and valued asset to any team that gets the pleasure of working with him.

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